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The roadmap towards version 5 of the speedata Publisher

Categories: Development, speedata Publisher

I am currently approaching the “zero bugs” watermark (except for two almost persistent bugs that I tend to ignore) so it is time to think about releasing a new stable version and,shortly after, version 5:

  • The next stable version 4.16 will be the second last before jumping to version 5.
  • The development version after 4.16 (named 4.17…) will have the default XPath parser and the default font loader switched to the new implementations (lxpath and HarfBuzz respectively).
  • After some testing I will release 4.18
  • … more testing from users that only use the stable versions.
  • And then, the plan is in early 2024 I will release the shiny version 5 (three and a half years after releasing version 4).

Let’s cross the fingers and see how this works out.